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We Solve Computer Problems For A Flat Rate. We Do not Charge By The Hour.


  • Get a technician out to you same day in most cases.


  • Confusing new router instructions are no match for our experience.
  • If you’re having to read this on your phone because your wifi is down, we can get your network back up and running.


  • VIP IT technicians can repair whatever device is currently giving you problems. We repair desktops and laptops. – including all Apple products.


  • Think about all of the important documents and pictures you have on your computer. Now think about what would happen if you lost them. We’ll back up everything you need to protect against the unforeseen.


  • If you neglected to call us for data backup and the unforeseen did happen, we can help you get that important information back. Price range depends on how much data is being recovered and whether the data can be recovered onsite or must be recovered in shop.
  • If we have to take your hard drive back to our lab, redelivery is free.


  • If your computer is doing a bunch of stuff you don’t understand, you may have been infected by a virus, malware or spyware. These problems aren’t just annoying, they can compromise your physical and financial security. We’ll eliminate these threats so that you can use your computer without the danger of being bankrupted by Serbian hackers.


  • When things go haywire, sometimes the best option for fixing your computer is to reformat the hard drive and reinstall the operating system. VIP IT Solutions will reformat and reinstall service gets your computer running like new while saving all of your important data. Price range is dependent upon whether there is data recovery involved, if there is a part failure, and whether or not the recovery can be performed onsite or must be repaired in shop.


This is only a portion of what services we offer for Break/Fix services. Not sure if we perform a service you need? Just ask. We have been in business for over 15 years, if it can be done, we can do it. However, we pride ourselves is being consultants above all else. If it isn’t worth fixing, we will tell you. You are a VIP with us and like family.

Managed IT Services page:

With VIP IT Solutions, our Managed IT Services is second to none. Its what we do and what we are good at. This isn’t a side business. Our business is to make sure we keep your business running, like the VIP you are. The list of what you will get with VIP IT when you sign up for managed IT services is below, but only a sampling of what we do:

  • Industry leading response time of 15 Minutes or less you will have a technician working on your machine to resolve your issue. You will be treated like the VIP you are
  • Unlimited Remote Support- You or your staff simply submit a ticket with your issue and you will automatically receive a response stating that we received your ticket. The jet engines for VIP IT Solutions light and we jump on your issue ASAP, again in 15 minutes or less.
  • Unlimited Onsite Support- When you or your staff are in a jam and the issue cannot be resolved remotely (IE a computer won’t turn on, internet is down, etc) we dispatch a technician that hour to your company. Not two days from now. We always use our guys, not contractors. Downtime is lost money and employee productivity, that’s why we provide ourselves in our responsiveness and knowledge. (one without the other is useless)
  • Vendor Management- We will handle your Office 365, GoDaddy, G-Suite, etc. accounts for you. When you need something, simply create a quick ticket and consider IT done.
  • Industry leading BDR – Backup and Disaster Recovery is a keystone in all tech environments. First, we set the proper types of backups, BareMetal locally and in the cloud. Redundancy is key. Next is Automation. Making sure backups are always humming along. Then we test randomly every week to verify the ability to restore files which verifies the backup is properly functioning. These backups are always encrypted so only you can see them and not hackers. Lastly, we always make sure your backups are compliant with your industry.
  • 24/7 Monitoring – Why? To make sure anything that is going wrong can be caught as early as possible, often times before you even know there is an issue. This includes Patch management for Windows and Mac OS.
  • Antivirus- We make sure all machines are as protected as they can be at all times. To do this we protect your machines, Mac and PC, with an industry leader in the antivirus market. This is included for all of our managed IT service customers.
  • Network and System Optimization- We are always monitoring reports for system and network usage to ensure that everything is operating at peak performance. If something can be done, we do it.
  • Server Management- One of our secret sauces (not so much of a secret anymore) is every day we sign-in to every single server we manage. Every. Single. Server. No one does this. Why do we? Because although automation is great, often times there are things that just cannot be detected. When we login manually we are able to verify speed, security, general performance, are all services and applications that should be running actually running, and a general feel for what the health of the server is. There are somethings that you simply cannot get the full effect of without taking the time and verifying with your own hands that everything is ok. When its not, we hop into action immediately. This is one of the many extra steps we take to prove to you that you are a VIP to us.
  • You get our entire team, all of the time. Most commonly with other IT Service companies you get a department with a bunch of people that say something like “I can’t help with that, let me transfer you”. Not here. Anyone you get can and will help. Everyone employed with VIP IT Solutions is an expert, friendly and excellent at there job. We demand it and our team delivers.


This is a small sampling of what we offer and what comes with doing business with VIP IT Solutions. We offer Cloud solutions, Security Services and IT Consulting as well.