Nerds In a Flash is a full-service Managed IT services company in Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, DFW Metroplex, and San Antonio, Texas that also performs break-fix computer repairs. Our mission at Nerds In a Flash is to combine ever-evolving knowledge and innovation with heroic customer service and geniality to solve all our customers’ IT needs.

Shawnda and Kelley Sanford

For 18 years Nerds In a Flash has executed over the top, rapid response, heroic IT support for our managed service and computer repair customers. Not only do we provide top grade, knowledgeable expertise, but we also take the time to instill the knowledge that we envelope into our customers when we are on-site so that they are informed and consulted on every option they have and feel comfortable with any decision they make. Our commitment to dependability, timeliness and friendliness is what keeps our managed service customers happy and our computer repair customers returning time after time for all these years. We believe a customer should feel not only completely elated at the service that has been performed but also like they have made a friend by the time we leave their presence.

Nerds in a Flash has grown tremendously since Kelley Sanford Jr. developed it back in 2004. It started out as Access Computer Services and only did residential computer repair. Kelley changed the name of the business in 2007 to Nerds in a Flash. The reason for the name change was to obtain a broader range of customers and to reassure those customers that they are getting exactly what they are searching for. A nerd … in a flash. In the last 10 years the business has taken a huge transition over to the managed services side of things. Monitoring, managing, doing preventative maintenance, troubleshooting, IT Help desk and repairs on our business customers workstations and servers at all times, for a competitive monthly fee. While we still do residential and business breakfix repairs, managed IT services has been Kelley’s dream for Nerds in a Flash since inception and what our primary business is today. Our teams, customer database and relationships with our customers have grown tremendously over the years.

Nerds in a Flash has been blessed to have doubled our business in the last year and with Gods guidance we hope to stay on that growth path, year after year. We hope to continue to evolve with the daily changes in technology and keep our customers up to date and feeling like they are in good hands as we always have in the past.

We hope to grow our teams and build our client base exponentially, expanding to other cities and maybe even states! Our belief has always been to just make our customers/clients happy and the rest will follow. We plan to stay focused on our high level of customer service and perform above the rest!

Happy clients and customers high fiving